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We create new business models in SaaS and marketplaces as well as develop corporate, financial and applications systems. 



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Kako Pet

SaaS with ERP Cloud totally made for Petshop

Integrated Marketplace with applications for scheduling and purchase of any products by end customers

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Taxi App

White label cab application. All categories of taxis, optional and online and offline payment methods. Advertisers can activate promotions and attract more customers.

Ônibus App

White Label Application for Offline and Online Bus Schedules


Customized modular business management system wish includes modules of business management, accounting, financial, fiscal, CRM, and, logistics.

Each module contains basic processes according to the best management practices.

The fiscal module allows the automatic issuance of the tax coupon and the electronic invoice (required by the Brazilian Federal Tax authority)

The accounting module can be used to manage your bookkeeping and accounting

Logistics integrated with Google Maps and Social Networking integration

Java EE, using Jboss 7 as application server, PostgreSQL database

We understand software as the transposition of each company´s business model. Starting from vendor to the end-customer, with excellent usability and close to zero support required.


System to simulate any retirement calculation with functions of payroll; processing; simulation; and, an extract any reports required from the results.

The Unique system used in country for this calculation!

Free Software, Java EE, using the Jboss 5.1 application server and PostgreSQL database.


Event management system, with secretarial sector control; label; and, certificate issuance, direct mail and financial management.


System for management of micro enterprises, expert in front of box (???), inventory control, box, bills to be paid and to receive (overdue invoices).


System to manage Petshops, with schedules of grooming and baths, financial management and inventory control of the store.

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